Black sun society

black sun society

Entdecken Sie Erst- und Nachpressungen von Spear Of Longinus - Black Sun Society. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Spear Of Longinus-Sammlung. According to Goode, the Black Sun society cooperated closely with the Thule, Vril and other secret societies in forming the breakaway German. The Black Sun society maintained that a single man possessing and directing this nature's most potent force, could revolutionize and change the face of the.

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I had been hired by some horse people in Hialeah, Florida, and they moved me up there to be Director of Research for their Horse Sales firm. Master Hypnotist Reveals Forbidden Secret Of How To Control People's Minds Without Their Knowledge And Make Them Obey Covert Commands During Normal Conversation!. There is apparently a lot of UFO and underground activity in Utah. Although these societies borrowed some concepts and rites from Theosophists, Rosicrucians , and various other Hermetic groups, they placed special emphasis on what they believed to be the innate mystical powers of the Aryan race. Both Thule and Vril are using Scandinavian Gods and Goddesses as aliases within the Order, and they even have a Nordic language that the Inner Circle speaks which they have spoken on Earth for over 11, years. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Scots, Irish, Basques, Spanish, Scandinavians, Icelanders and the Portuguese, all these peoples are of Celtic origin. Includes a printed innersleeve. Even more spectacular was an entire web of underground rocket and flying saucer factories with an accompanying technology that still defies ordinary beliefs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While they're fully awake Kircher places the origin of the Ophite and heliolatrous worship, the shape of conical monuments and the obelisks, with the Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus. This is the force that the Nazis and their inner occult circle were so desperately trying to unleash upon the world, for which the Vril Society had erfahrungen mit plus500 groomed Hitler. According to Goode, the Black Sun society cooperated closely with the Thule, Vril and other secret societies in forming the breakaway German faction in Antarctica and South America. Unleash your dormant psychic powers under the expert guidance of Britain's leading psychic. He discloses extensive world-wide expeditions conducted by German secret societies to find advanced technologies built either by ancient human civilizations or by extraterrestrial visitors. Influenced by a combination of the esoteric and the astronomical meaning. The symbol of the Black Sun is purported to unite the three most important symbols of Nazi ideology - the sun wheel, the swastika and the stylized victory rune. Served by robots and able to fly on vril-powered wings, the vegetarian Vril-ya are - by their own reckoning - racially and culturally superior to everyone else on Earth, above or below the ground. This Nation is called Agartha or Agarthi both variants are used interchangeably — there are other spellings as well. Therefore there was at least one expedition to the Antarctic during World War II. All Versions Edit Release Sell This Item. Links Ahnenerbe and the Quests. black sun society Another interpretation is that the symbol incorporates twelve reversed " Sig runes " of the Armanen runes. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Das weltanschauliche Zentrum der SS: These transmitters are supposedly used to communicate with submerged submarines, but worryingly, they broadcast these messages at brain-wave frequencies, around 18 to 20Hz. Perhaps some may think these assumptions to be a bit on the daring side, but there are strong indications that it may well have happened that way. There are two secret societies that have been working in unison - the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society.

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Said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea, they identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north: It could very well be that the technology to build Vril-Odin originally came from a mix of alien technology and channeled information, but Vril-Odin was built by humans from this same channeled information, plus the instructions in the ILAT-LITUM. First a little background on the Vril Society. Already in the s it was used by neo-Nazis around Wilhelm Landig , being a symbol associated with the SS. The word Sumer or Sumeria stems from Sumi-Aldebaran, which is the star system the Anunnaki originally come from, 68 light-years from Earth. If you would like to suggest a web site or page for addition into Occultopedia's links database, please go to my URL submission page.